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One-on-One with CEO Amy Hass

September 21, 2022

Our Communications team sat down with CEO Amy Hass to explore what makes EPIC’s leasing, management, and maintenance departments so unique.

FUN FACT 1: EPIC has more than 35 properties in our portfolio - with more on the way!

As CEO, how do you help manage these properties?

Managing our properties is truly a team effort. We have an exceptional Vice President of Property Management who empowers her team to make the necessary decisions to ensure our properties are being managed to EPIC’s high standards and the expectations of our properties’ investors.

FUN FACT 2: EPIC has 1000+ units in our residential portfolio.

What sets our leasing team apart?

Our leasing team is full of heart and truly has a passion for finding tenants their perfect home. It’s not just about filling the unit; it’s about ensuring it’s a good fit for the tenant so they’re happy with their new place.

FUN FACT 3: EPIC’s commercial space has boomed to more than 350,000 SF...with that number continuing to climb.

What sets our commercial team apart?

Our commercial team consists of movers and shakers who strive to fill our commercial spaces with dynamic businesses looking for their ideal location. They work hard to identify potential commercial tenants instead of waiting for businesses to come to them.

FUN FACT 4: Our maintenance team is split between buildings and takes care of in-town and out-of-town properties

What sets our maintenance team apart?

First and foremost, our maintenance team is all about customer service. No matter if it’s an HVAC, plumbing, appliance, grounds, or security issue, they look after the tenant’s home like it’s their own, ensuring the property is safe, habitable, and enjoyable. In addition to keeping the residents’ satisfaction top of mind, they also consider the cost to the property.

As the CEO, how has property management stayed at the forefront of our business?

It’s critical to keep our properties fully occupied and looking their best, which is why our property management team and processes are so important. We continue to evolve our processes. This ensures we provide the best service to our tenants while keeping the various buildings’ budgets in mind.

If someone wants to work in one of these departments at EPIC, what do we look for in new employees who join property management, maintenance, and commercial leasing?

Having heart, customer service experience, and doing what’s right are key qualities that make for a great candidate!

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Tune in next time for our One-on-One with CEO Amy Hass when we’ll focus on the development team!


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