Enhancing Communities through innovative development

What do we do?


Real estate investing and development should be simple. Since our founding, we have been led by a vision of delivering profitable investment projects with integrity and simplicity. Our professional team works closely with both investors and landowners to produce remarkable results.


Well-developed communities thrive. That is why a big part of our focus is maximizing underutilized spaces and creating modern mixed-use developments. Each development concept is designed to be aesthetic and functional. Our focus is on developing commercial rentals with office and retail space, industrial rentals, and multi-family spaces


Investing in local opportunities. EPIC Companies is a real estate investing and development firm based out of West Fargo, ND. We are passionate about North Dakota communities and surrounding communities in Minnesota. We take pride in our property management, capital investments, and real estate developments.

What we value

Our values are more than just words on paper, they guide the way we work. Our values are what differentiate us and support our commitment to each other.

Evolve & Adapt

At EPIC Companies, we empower our employees to do better and to learn from their mistakes.

Building Relationships

We believe that connecting with our tenants, investors, and employees helps drive success.

Open Communication

EPIC encourages directness so our employees and their ideas can thrive.

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your World

By simply changing your thoughts, one can change the world around you.

Be Humble

We are confident, but are aware of our weaknesses and continue to strive for improvement.

“There are two parts of EPIC that I really enjoy - First is the people.  We have a talented pool of co-workers who are not only great employees, but great people!  I also enjoy the ever-changing work that we do - from designing buildings to promoting concerts, every day is different.”

Lance Johnson Chief Events Officer

“My favorite part is being close with all the employees! I love our monthly meetings, random events we put on, and hearing about our newest projects.  EPIC is continuously growing and it's great to see all the new hires walk in to the building.”

Paige Krodel Property Manager

“Working at CBE and with all EPIC employees has been a treat for me. I have been in the business for over forty years and working at CBE with fellow EPIC employees has been a great experience. The team is very organized, professional, and knowledgeable. Working with other companies in the past it never felt that we worked as a team, it seemed more of a competition. At CBE, are a team. I can say if anyone has a Chance to apply to CBE or EPIC, hop on the bus and enjoy the fabulous experience. It's a great ride to enjoy.”

Calvin Volk Superintendent

“I love working for a company that is innovative. [For those considering applying for a career with EPIC Companies,] I'd recommend doing so. You don't want to look back and think, I should have or could have.”

Matthew Wuorinen Art Manager

“EPIC embodies the 3 Cs: Client-centric, Community-centric, and Character-centric. We're always seeking ideas and contributions from everyone on the team. With a flat organization, everyone can make a difference and not get caught up in bureaucracy.”

Richard Gleason Investor Relations

“Culture. Culture. Culture. [EPIC] is a fun and lively work environment that encourages creative thinking and problem solving. As a constantly growing company, [I'd recommend that anyone interested in applying should do so and] come grow with us!”

Jarett Mari Financial Analyst

“CBE is different from other employers because of our ability to think outside of the box and being provided the opportunity to implement it. Most employers seldom allow the ability to act. I love my job because of our ability to connect with communities in a much larger way. Our efforts towards philanthropy are outstanding. With out of the box thinking at CBE, we are able to utilize techniques, building assemblies, and products not traditionally used in developments. Our team culture is positive and highly collaborative. I encourage prospective candidates to apply to join the CBE Team because we are a family of rockstars. We are a group who truly has passion for construction and team unity.”

Lee Morberg Construction Manager

“In the two years I've been working at CBE, every day brings on exciting challenges and there's no other team I'd rather have by my side to tackle them. The open office concept we have provides for a lot of quick collaborations as well as an entertaining work environment. We're all about building culture here and a lot of that branches from working alongside with each department in EPIC Companies. EPIC strives to enhance communities through innovative developments and as a construction manager, that's something to appreciate. Each project, big or small, is always different and rewarding. From bringing dreams to reality for new local businesses to building new interactive collaborative developments. CBE is a construction company for those who want to contribute to the lifestyle and culture of our hometowns and I think that's something everyone in this profession should strive to be a part of.”

Nashten McFarren Construction Manager

Interested in Joining our Team?